Hirose Financial UK rolls out new binary options platform LION Binary Pro

Hirose Financial UK Ltd has released a new binary options platform – LION Binary Pro.

The launch happens in response to clients’ feedback and seems to have a robust rationale as during fiscal year 2015, binary options services generated 58% of Hirose UK’s turnover.

The new platform offers:

  • Three types of charts

LION Binary-Pro offers 3 types of charts: “Candle,” “Line” and “Heikin”, which help traders with the analysis of market trends and building their trading strategies. One of the new chart types is “Heikin” which is a unique chart developed in Japan and is now a popular technical analysis which gives traders a more clear picture of the current market trend.

  • Six technical analysis tools

LION Binary-Pro offers six types of enhanced technical analysis tools: “Simple Moving Average,” “Ichimoku,” “Bollinger Bands,” “RSI,” “Stochastic Oscillator” and “MACD”, which can be set up with the Charts. Multiple technical analyses can be performed and their results displayed at the same time.

  • Manual Close & Even Faster Execution

Prior to “Purchase & Close Deadline,” traders can manually close their open position by clicking on the CLOSE button. Once traders have clicked the CLOSE button, the closing order will be instantly executed so that they will not miss a chance. The faster cxecution has been made possible as the platform has been developed in HTML.

  • Pop-up Trading Panel

A trading panel can be popped up by clicking on either HIGH or LOW button on the tick chart. This panel can be moved around the Binary Platform. Traders may keep it on their chart and use it to make trades.

  • Enhanced Option Filtering

The company has received feedback from its customers that its existing option selection panel is not user-friendly. Now it has made some improvements to the panel which allows traders to filter options by instrument and option time.

You can find out more about the platform by clicking here.

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