Hedge fund manager Lex van Dam develops apps for the Tradable platform

Hedge fund manager Lex van Dam has partnered with Tradable to develop a range of applications for the trading platform.

The comprehensive set of apps includes an Economic Calendar, Momentum Scoring, Price Alerts, Trade Board, Time Box, Intraday Result, Intraday Breakdown, Risk Sizer, Net Exposures, Rolling, Scenario Analysis Matrix, Trade Journal and Positions.

Lex van Dam is also releasing a complete trading screen which can be downloaded by the end of September 2015 and contains the functionalities a trader needs to make informed decisions. Traders can remove some of the tools, in order to personalize the service.

Lex van Dam comments:

“I’m on a quest to make trading more accessible, offering the highest quality information and tools without the trader having to invest unnecessarily in expensive resources. It’s often difficult for people to know what to do and what they need to access when they start trading. There’s so much information it can be very overwhelming. In my experience, even people who trade using established institutional platforms tend to use less than 5% of the resources available to them.”

“I believe I have simplified trading with my portfolio of apps and I hope this will encourage thousands more people to trade FX and CFDs. FX is a $5.3 trillion per day market – a market which can present significant rewards to those who learn how to navigate it.”

lex_van_damLex van Dam is upbeat about the potential of the Tradable platform. He explains, “Tradable operates by crowd sourcing ideas from traders and developers, who make tailor made apps for the Tradable App Store. It really is democratizing trading, making professional tools available for the retail audience. There is lot of excitement around the sharing economy and Tradable, just like Uber and Airbnb, creates exciting opportunities by enabling the very best traders around the world to share their tools with the global trading community.

“I believe 80% of screens will be based on the Tradable platform in five years’ time. It will undoubtedly become the de-facto trading platform of the future and is easy to use from any mobile device as well as from a PC.”

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