GWAZY announces the first winners of the GWAZY League trading competition

GWAZY Ltd., the technology provider and developer of the GWAZY trading platform and trading method, recently announced the first winners of their brand new trading competition interface, the GWAZY League.

A total of 24 competitions within a month, offering 24 traders a total of $5,400 cash from the first competition sponsors of the GWAZY League. 19 daily competitions offering $100 each and 4 weekly competitions offering $250 each already took place. The monthly competitions will soon offer the winner the cash amount of $2500. Those who are interested can join the GWAZY League and try their luck to win the $2500 cash prize of this month as well as the cash prizes of the new daily, weekly and June’s monthly competition.

The winners of the GWAZY League so far are from Lebanon, Poland, Italy, Egypt, Romania, Iran, Russia, Cyprus and Indonesia and vary between novice and experienced traders, even people who have actually never traded before. The GWAZY League is catching people’s interest from all around the world, regardless of their financial background.

The GWAZY League is suitable and accessible to everyone since competitions are based on demo trading and registration is free. While joining the competitions, Gwaziers will be given the opportunity to take up exciting challenges, improve their trading skills on the GWAZY platform and win valuable prizes.

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