Google search adds Bitcoin to exchange rate shortcut for easy calculations

Until now all other currencies were easily able to be queried in the Google search bar for a quick shortcut to find the latest exchange rate. For instance, typing “100 usd to eur,” the google search shortcut trick would easily spit out the latest exchange rate for how many euros 100 dollars is worth.

Just recently implemented, Google has added bitcoin into the quick search shortcut to get the latest bitcoin exchange rate. It works across most all currencies. Search for the exchange rate you need using “btc” for bitcoin, like you would for gbp (British Pound), eur (Euros), aud (Aussie Dollar), cad (Canadian Dollar).

The following example is provided below using btc (Bitcoins) and usd (Dollars) in which Google nets us flawlessly and easily a quick reference to the latest exchange rate for the leading digital currency.

Shortcut for Bitcoin to Dollars, written in search as # btc to usd

…and vice verse, shortcut for Dollar to Bitcoin, written in search as # usd to btc

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