GMO Click’s starts artistic UK consumer drive

Forex marketing is evolving in new and exciting ways, with companies active in this industry turning more often to visual media to grab prospective clients’ attention. However, when a Forex giant targets a new market with a video, we expect the unexpected. And when it comes to Japanese major GMO Click, our expectations are even higher. Trade, the global face of Japan-headquartered GMO CLICK Group, the world’s largest retail forex provider by volume, has today announced the launch of its consumer drive as it looks to challenge UK perceptions and bring FX trading to the masses.

The trading giant, which accounts for 23% of global retail forex volumes and saw $1.2 trillion traded by its clients in January 2015 alone, adopted an unusual launch method by partnering with popular Japanese band World Order to produce an original song and music video announcing their arrival in the UK capital. Excerpts from the video will be running at various locations around London over the weeks to come.

Commenting on the launch, Tomitaka Ishimura, CEO of Trade said: “In our native Japan, we have redefined the industry, taking forex beyond commonly held stereotypes of a ‘typical trader’ by reaching out to a wider audience. We therefore wanted this launch announce our arrival as a new player in the FX space, and challenge the general public’s perceptions of currency trading.” consumer launch

The video features World Order’s members visiting a number of London’s landmarks and performing a choreographed robotic dance, a style to which they owe their fame, much to the delight and curiosity of passers-by.

Ishimura added: “Our position as the market leader in the Japanese retail forex industry is built on a commitment to providing significant cost benefits, with in-house-developed, high quality trading technology. We are committed to making this model a success globally, and look forward to connecting with even more traders around the world.”

You may recall that in 2014, as part of their global branding strategy, GMO Internet Inc. (TYO:9449) bought the domain name for $6.8 million (£4.25 million) from Nissan, in the eighth most expensive domain purchase ever.

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