GAIN Capital has record month, as retail, institutional volumes surge in March 2015

GAIN Capital Holdings Inc (NYSE:GCAP), one of the global leaders in online trading, has just published its key operating metrics for March 2015, with the company obviously managing to ride the wave of increased volatility on Forex markets last month.

Retail and institutional trading volumes at GAIN staged a steep rise in March 2015, both compared with February 2015 and March 2014 levels. Average daily retail Forex volumes in March 2015 amounted to robust $13.5 billion, up by 20.1% against the result recorded in February, when the market was engulfed by weak volatility. Average daily institutional trading volumes staged a rise of 37.4%, a rather remarkable achievement, leaving the dull results of February far behind.

Let’s look at the particular numbers for March 2015, as reported by GAIN Capital.

Retail Metrics

  • Retail OTC trading volume of $296 billion, an increase of 32.8% from February 2015, and 58.7% from March 2014.
  • Average daily retail OTC trading volume of $13.5 billion, an increase of 20.1% from February 2015 and 51.5% from March 2014.
  • Active retail OTC accounts of 99,017, an increase of 1.9% from February 2015 and 1.8% from March 2014.

Institutional Metrics

  • Total institutional trading volume of $527.9 billion, an increase of 51.2% from February 2015 and 19.0% from March 2014.
  • Average daily institutional volume of $24.0 billion, an increase of 37.4% from February 2015 and 13.6% from March 2014.
  • GTX trading volume of $492.5 billion, an increase of 50.2% from February 2015 and 21.9% from March 2014.
  • Average daily GTX volume of $22.4 billion, an increase of 36.6% from February 2015 and 16.3% from March 2014.

Exchange-based Futures Metrics

  • Futures contracts of 928,759, an increase of 30.9% from February 2015 and 53.4% from March 2014.
  • Average daily futures contracts of 42,216, an increase of 13.0% from February 2015 and 46.4% from March 2014.


The chart makes apparent the record in monthly retail and institutional trading volumes the group set in March 2015.  The cumulative result was $823.9 billion.

To view the official announcement by GAIN Capital, click here.

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GAIN Capital has record month, as retail, institutional volumes surge in March 2015


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