FXStat brand brokerage OneTrade adds partner program

OneTrade, the FCA regulated financial derivatives broker under Reference Number 537787 which launched officially in Q2 of 2015 has now launched and added a partner program suited for affiliates and introducing brokers. OneTrade is the brand name and broker arm of the company FXStat, the popular social trading and trade analytics platform which now even offers a FX liquidity bridge and liquidity aggregation.

fxstatFounded in 2010, FXStat originally launched as a trade performance page showcase and then later added the auto-trading copy platform based on it’s community of traders and has grown immensely with over 100k users. Heading into 2016 the company continues to morph into a multifaceted and diversified Forex trading provider. You will notice on the OneTrade website no link yet to a partner portal or back office, it is understood from company reps that this is likely to be introduced sometime in Q1 2016, but interested parties are welcome to contact the brokerage regarding signup.

A big advantage to IBs and affiliates is OneTrade’s powerful auto-generated trading performance page for traders which is based off of FXStat technology with more than 200 statistical analytics to identify strengths and weaknesses and share track records. In addition, the FXStat based copy-trading platform is also built right into OneTrade’s offering aside from proprietary liquidity in the form of an ECN/STP MT4 platform. Without the need for 3rd party hookups and plugins, the FXStat technology built right into the trader’s back office can be a powerful selling point for partners.

OneTrade is a brokerage to keep an eye on in the next couple of years as brokers and providers continue to try to differentiate their offerings to cater to different sets of traders.

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FXStat brand brokerage OneTrade adds partner program


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