FXDD offers clients complimentary access to TraderMade charting and technical analysis software: Q&A with LeapRate

When it comes to trading technologies, the foreign exchange industry is constantly introducing new tools to help make the overall experience easier and more efficient. FXDD Global is taking it one step further by not only identifying world-class tools but providing complimentary access to its clients. It recently announced a partnership with Tradermade Systems Ltd., an independent provider of forex data and analytics, that allows FXDD to offer its active account holders free access to a newly launched charting tool and technical analysis workstation called FX Navigator powered by TraderMade.

The partnership kicked off late last year, and LeapRate recently caught up with Lubomir Kaneti, executive director at FXDD Global, to learn more about the tool, and how it is benefiting clients. Here’s what he had to say:


LR: Hi Lubomir. How does this partnership work? Can you tell us a little more about why you decided to offer this tool to clients?  

Lubomir Kaneti, FXDD

Lubomir Kaneti, FXDD

Lubomir: FX Navigator powered by TraderMade is a subscription-based tool, so FXDD Global is covering the costs for our key customers and giving our self-directed and institutional clients an opportunity to receive all of the technology’s functionality free of charge.

The reasoning behind it is simple – we’re committed to creating the best trading environment for our clients and ensuring they have the technology they need to be successful. Just within the past year, we’ve launched FX Navigator and our ECN pricing platform, which offers pricing and execution experience similar to that of an electronic communication network. Tools like these have further enhanced our already robust offering to traders around the world.

LR: How is the partnership going so far?

Lubomir: The partnership has been beneficial for both companies. It’s given FX Navigator some exposure with new audiences and, on the flip side, provided a lot of additional value to FXDD Global’s customers.

With FXDD Global customers specifically, we’re seeing about 30 page visits per user, with the most popular page being EUR/USD followed by USD/CAD and USD/CHF. The feedback from clients has been encouraging. Users have mentioned that the tool has taken a lot of pressure off of them as they’re trading, which is exactly what we want to hear.

LR: What are some of the tool’s key features?

Lubomir: One of the key differentiators of FX Navigator is that it gives self-directed traders functionality previously only available to institutional brokers and fund managers. The tool features a variety of capabilities that are all meant to further enhance user experience, such as comprehensive charting and technical analysis efficiencies, real-time forex news with market analysis with both technical and economic commentary and 24-hour data on more than 42 currency pairs. The software is also compatible via desktop and mobile devices, making it easily accessible to our customers.

LR: Now that you have a few months under your belt, what’s next for the partnership?

Lubomir: As more and more customers use the tool and offer feedback, we will keep making improvements to FX Navigator, so that it continues to evolve into a trusted tool for a wide range of forex traders. Right now, we’re looking at ways to provide more educational content. We’re also exploring expanding our support offerings. Currently, our clients receive customer service and technical assistance through FXDD Global’s help desk, but we’re looking into other channels such as webinars and email newsletters.

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