How TraderMade brings Big Data to the FX industry

In the FX industry, there is an increasing need for high-quality data and technology to ensure that financial institutions’ compliance departments are equipped to handle the deluge of data generated every day by the $5.3 trillion FX industry. Tradermade Systems Limited has built an entire business around meeting and exceeding customers’ needs when it comes to FX data.

TraderMade is an independent provider of real-time market data and proprietary analytics software to central banks, leading corporations, financial institutions and individual traders. For more than 30 years, traders and clients alike have relied on the company for unbiased verification of forex data and pricing.

LeapRate sat down with David Upton, TraderMade’s CEO, and David Hastings, TraderMade’s Head of Sales EMEA to learn more about the company’s different product offerings, and how they’re helping the industry.


LR: Hi David and David. Can you tell us more about TraderMade? What kind of products and services do you offer?

David Upton

David Upton

David U.: For more than 30 years we’ve been focused on gathering, organizing and storing FX data. We use this data to deliver products that are designed to provide clients with quality software and information that help them to make better trading decisions. Our products include Maverick, which delivers real-time market data, technical analysis and charting, FXQuest, a FX price discovery engine with more than 40 years of data and FXNavigator, a world-class charting and technical analysis software designed for self-directed traders. These tools not only offer value to our customers but also improve the technological capabilities of the entire foreign exchange industry.

LR: Which of your products would you say has been the most widely-used in the FX industry? 

David H.: Our Maverick charting solution is an industry-leading software. It provides customized analytical studies and specialist decision-making tools to traders, analysts, fund managers and private investors. Currently, we have more than 150 clients around the world.

One of the most valuable features of the platform is that users have the ability to quickly create currency baskets, spreads, custom or weighted indices. They can then chart, overlay or analyze these products within Maverick. Other capabilities include Candlestick Pattern Recognition, real-time market data and customizable alerts, detachable charts, publishing features, newsfeeds that incorporate both a fundamental and technical perspective and unrivalled historical pricing data for up to 25 years.

On top of its capabilities, Maverick’s success has a lot to do with its usability. It has a clean and intuitive interface, which makes it easier to navigate than other charting solutions, and is web-based, so clients can access the platform anywhere, at any time.

LR: And FXQuest was something you launched last year, correct? Can you tell us more about that?

tradermadelogoDavid H.: FXQuest is a cloud-based technology platform that houses the world’s most comprehensive collection of historical foreign exchange rates, spreads and other technical data. The database has more than 40 years of market data and is tailored to verify an exchange rate at a specific point in time – from one week to one second. This is an essential service for the FX industry because it a reliable resource for our clients, and as an independent provider, we’ve collected and curated this data without bias, allowing this tool to enhance the transparency and trust between suppliers and consumers.

FXQuest offers a variety of benefits to several of our customers. Since the launch, we’ve seen FXQuest gain traction on both the buy and sell sides, including with traders, who can use it to validate a rate received from a liquidity provider, to regulators who need an objective view of the market. We’ve also seen custodians, fund managers and auditors consult FXQuest to establish a fair and accurate price to use for mark-to-market or fund valuation purposes.

A few months ago, TraderMade also launched FX Navigator, which is a tool that caters to self-directed traders and further enhances user experience for our customers. It features a variety of functionalities that have previously only been available to institutional brokers and fund managers, such as comprehensive charting and technical analysis, real-time forex news and round-the-clock data on more than 42 currency pairs.

LR: What does TraderMade have planned for the future?

David U.: We will continue to introduce upgrades and features for Maverick throughout 2016 to further enhance its productivity, usability and integration with daily workflow.

Now that FXQuest and FXNavigator have both launched, we will also evaluate the progress of those and determine how we can make improvements and innovations that improve their productivity.

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