FX software and consulting firm TwoFour recorded record growth during 2013

TwoFour today announced record growth and expansion across its software and consultancy businesses for the 2013 calendar year.

Sales of TwoFour’s real-time highly-adaptable FX and Cash Management software increased significantly across brokers, banks, and payment companies and IBS Journal has ranked TwoFour the 4th top provider of Treasury and FX solutions to the global market place.

Amongst a market increasingly saturated with conglomerate software companies, TwoFour expanded its software client base. New clients include one of the world’s largest exchanges for FX and Futures support as well as clients domiciled in Australia and New Zealand.

TwoFour’s existing software client base also expanded usage adding support for new product features through upgrades and new user locations throughout the year. The software is now leveraged by what the company cites as thousands of users in over 85 locations globally. Sales of TwoFour’s capital markets technology and operations consulting services expanded significantly across banks and asset management firms in New York, Boston, and London with the strongest demand associated with offerings related to regulatory impacts and to technology initiatives focused on decreasing total cost of ownership.

To meet strong market demand and enhance services to clients, TwoFour expanded its headcount with strategic hires in the United States and Europe and continued to commit significant investment to evolve its consultancy practices and software. Software investments included increasing feature support and the addition of new technologies.

New features and technology include improved and expanded implementation options via a secure ASP model, the introduction of agency-based FX management features, the introduction of a self-service client portal utilizing HTML 5 technology and providing features like RFQ, position management, searches, confirms, payments, reporting and statements, and improved publish and subscribe functionality for global processing. Consulting investments included a strong focus on service product development and key personnel.

“TwoFour’s growth is representative of our strong focus on personnel and expertise,” said Steve Davis, CEO of TwoFour. He continued, “We are very excited about the direction of the market and to continue our growth in support of our clients.”

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