FX senior executive Rachel Clark returns to the bank sector after leadership roles at AFX and IG Group

Within the long established British FX industry, the bank sector still holds vast appeal to some of the nation’s talented executives.

The most recent example being this week’s affirmation by former AFX Capital COO Rachel Clark that she has joined HSBC in the capacity of Vice President of Workforce Management and Planning.

Whilst Ms. Clark began her career at Cantor Fitzgerald, she progressed to the banking sector, with a 1 year stint at Deutsche Bank in London before heading to IG Index (IG Markets) as a Sales Trader for high net worth clients across all asset classes including Spread Betting, CFDs, FX, Equities, Indices, Commodities, Options, Interest rates, Bonds and ETFs.

After two and a half years, Ms. Clark was promoted to International Business Development Manager at IG Markets, where she spent a further three years coordinating the start up of the Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish branches of the business. During this period, Ms. Clark was located in Madrid and Stockholm.

Returning to London in September 2010, Ms. Clark assumed the position of Business Marketing Manager at IG Group, where she was responsible for growing brand and category awareness through online, offline and outdoor advertising, as well as developing and managing a global sponsorship program.

Leaving IG Group for pastures new in 2012, Ms. Clark was appointed COO of AFX Capital, during a time when the British spread betting and CFD firm was expanding into new markets as well as establishing its own institutional FX division and FX technology operation.

As last year drew to a close, Ms. Clark quietly moved on, subsequently rejoining the banking sector some months later as VP of Workforce Management and Planning at HSBC, where her responsibilies include overseeing matters relating to financial crime, compliance, global risk and regulatory adherence.

The recruitment of Ms. Clark by HSBC serves to reinforce the ability to attract some of the industry’s finest quality key executives, despite the increasing fortunes of Britain’s CFD and spread betting firms.

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