FX investment manager and broker Darwinex swings to profit in 2015 as company gains momentum

UK FCA regulated Forex investment manager and broker Darwinex, officially incorporated as Tradeslide Trading Tech Limited has just posted company financials in new filings today. The data shows the company achieved a profit in 2015, after starting up and forming in 2014. While in beta mode for a long while, the company opened up officially in 2015 as an innovative forex trading asset manager and broker.

The firm’s uniqueness comes from connecting top trader strategies which are “securitized” in the form of “Darwins” and which investors are able to allocate funds towards. LeapRate profiled the company back in November of 2014 with company director Juan Colón, as the company was still gearing up and testing its unique platform for outside investors.

As far as the numbers go, Darwinex achieved a pre-tax profit of £19,758 in fiscal year 2015 vs. a loss of £79,398 for 2014. The numbers are based on a 13-month period from May to June, which ended June 30th 2015.

Revenue was £146,500 in 2015 vs. no revenue for 2014.

Mr. Colón spoke with us earlier today stating: “2015 saw the consolidation of our brokerage offering, with volumes growing 10-15% a month to currently 4 yards. More importantly, our investor proposition is now fully operational, and we’ll shortly launch a product bound to make some headlines.

So – 2015 was ramping up. 2016 is take-off, and I’m proud to say all our growth is powered by word-of-mouth, with hardly no investment into marketing or traditional IB relationships. Seems like our ethos of transparency, honest DMA, agency only execution is evolution to some :-)”


The company stated it realized the strong revenue growth naturally as 2015 was the first year of client activity. Moreover, performance saw Darwinex achieving monthly volume of 2 billion per month. To sustain the growth of volume and client assets under management, Darwinex stated it will require continued investment into technology and sufficient client support infrastructure.

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