FX industry consultancy launched in London by former X Open Hub Director Juan Jutgla

Juan Jutgla, former Director at X Open Hub and VP Sales at Leverate, has set up a London-based consultancy to provide independent advice and support to established and start-up FX and binary options brokers and vendors, helping them optimize critical aspects of their business such as technology structure, business development, licensing and operations.

Better Way FX Consulting Services offers a range of bespoke services to help its clients with all areas of their business, from selecting the right technology and infrastructure to operational strategy, liquidity provision, UK set-up assistance, developing expansion plans, recruitment and growing market share.

Mr. Jutgla is also in the process of setting up a sister company, Smart Broker Solutions, to help with all the necessary components required for a quick, convenient and affordable set up of a FX brokerage. Smart Broker Solutions will be able to accept almost anyone wanting to set up a brokerage.

According to Juan Jutgla, “I have a great deal of experience in the industry and a thorough understanding of broker requirements when setting up in different regions. Through contact with brokers and vendors over the years, I became increasingly aware that many of them could benefit hugely from independent advice and guidance – whether about technology, business development, expansion plans, market positioning or liquidity provision. I set up the consulting business as I genuinely believe there is a better way of doing things for most brokers and vendors and I feel well qualified to help them.”

Over the last six months, Mr. Jutgla has researched and built a strong network of partners to compliment his skills and knowledge and strengthen the consultancy’s offering relating to all areas of the brokerage business. These partners include Moore Stephens, TradeSmarter, McLean Search and Claim4brokers. With Better Way FX Consulting, Mr. Jutgla has created a professional, cost effective and convenient way for brokers to tap into a wealth of knowledge and a wide network of industry experts.

Mr. Jutgla continues, “The Smart Broker Solutions business has been a natural evolution of Better Way FX Consulting. I have set up the organization with a business partner who has been in the trading industry for many years. Between us, we have a thorough understanding of broker and trader needs.

“We believe we have spotted a gap in the market as we are able to keep costs low whilst providing excellent customer service, high quality products and a very transparent offering to start up brokers. We are offering a simple but compelling solution to Forex IBs, White Labels and Money Managers and I’m not aware of anyone in the market able to tick all the boxes which we can. We already have four clients who are keen to sign contracts and we haven’t even launched the business yet!”

Smart Broker Solutions will launch by the end of May. As Mr. Jutgla and his business partner are both native Spanish speakers, they believe that brokers in South America and other Spanish speaking countries will be particularly interested in the service, reaping the benefits of their industry expertise whilst also working with a team who share their culture, mentality and speak their language.

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