X Financial Solutions launches xRisk to automate broker risk management

xRisk is available to all brokers offering X Open Hub, as well as the MT4 platform.

Leading FX platform provider X Financial solutions has announced the introduction of their new risk management product, xRisk. xRisk automates the management of a broker’s risk exposure and allows for intelligent hedging based on parameters set by the user. It comes with an ultra-low latency price feed and Smart Executor, controlling even the smallest trade, thus helping solve problems experienced with scalpers and high-frequency traders.

xRisk — which is available to all brokers using X Financial Solution’s proprietary X Open Hub platform, as well as those running MT4, allows B-Book brokers to automatically hedge only the set excess exposure across an aggregated portfolio. Brokers can set their acceptable exposure limit by client, group of clients or instrument and xRisk will automatically hedge only the excess exposure.

xRisk was designed to aid brokers in three specific areas:

  1. To provide protection from scalpers and high-frequency traders.
  2. To manage clients who trade in large volumes more effectively.
  3. To maximize broker profitability by hedging only what is necessary.

To see the complete xRisk press release click here.


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X Financial Solutions launches xRisk to automate broker risk management


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