X Financial Solutions launches new white label creator tool wlCreator

wlCreator allows forex brokerages to create branded white labels in a matter of minutes.

Leading FX platform provider X Financial Solutions has announced the introduction of a new white label creator tool called wlCreator. wlCreator offers a simple, intuitive approach that enables brokers, banks and liquidity providers to create their own branded white labels for new partners within minutes, and free of charge.

Jakub Zablocki, Managing Director of X Financial Solutions, commented: “This tool is perfect for brokers, liquidity providers and integrators to set up their white label partners within a few minutes instead of waiting days if not weeks for the implementation process to complete. It allows our partners to create new white labels autonomously, configuring relevant group settings, skin colors, logos and even SEO keywords without our help.”

The configuration process of wlCreator is fully automated and the tool is offered free of charge to X Open Hub users. New white labels can be set up in three simple steps:

  1. Liquidity is connected to the X Open Hub environment.
  2. Settings are configured for new white label partners according to their preferences e.g. instrument offering, commissions, spread mark-ups, execution types etc.
  3. New branded white labels are set up in a few minutes and then offered to partners.

The new wlCreator tool is built on the X Hub environment, making it fully integrated with all X Open Hub front and back end solutions, including the xStation web platform; back office system (xManager), risk management system (xRisk) and a trading apps marketplace (xStore).

For more information about wlCreator, click here.

For the complete X Financial Solutions press release click here.

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X Financial Solutions launches new white label creator tool wlCreator


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