Forex sports sponsorship: Plus500 shirts deal with Australian rugby squad Brumbies

Plus500 Ltd said it has signed a sponsorship deal with Australian rugby union team Brumbies to be its official sponsor for the 2017/18 season.

Under the deal, Plus500 said its logo will feature on the front of both the home and away Brumbies shirts for national and overseas matches.

Plus500 said it will also be given “a range of branding rights” as the team will officially be named as “Plus500 Brumbies”.

The Brumbies team is based in Canberra and is currently the champion of the Australian conference of Super Rugby.

No financial details of the deal were given.

 Asaf Elimelech
Asaf Elimelech

Plus500 Chief Executive Asaf Elimelech commented:

This partnership with a top Australian Super Rugby team that plays in the premier global rugby union club competition, together with our existing partnership with Atletico Madrid in football, extends our strategy of increasing our brand recognition and expanding our customer base globally.

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  • Mandy

    Poor English usage! A rotten use of a noun for a verb. To “Shirt” ?

    • The Prof

      I think its you who is showing your ignorance @disqus_1FRXAm5juI:disqus . Shirts here is an adjective, not a noun or verb. A “shirt deal” or a “shirt sponsor” refers to a sponsorship where the sponsor’s logo (plus500 here) ends up on the front or back of the players jerseys. Like Qatar Airways has with Barcelona. Understand now? Or should I explain again slowly for you?

      • mandy

        In that case the correct usage is seals a shirts deal or completes a shirts deal not shirts deal. Or would you like a lesson from me????

        • The Prof

          Titles aren’t meant to be full sentences, @disqus_1FRXAm5juI:disqus . Why are people’s grammar skills so poor nowadays????


Forex sports sponsorship: Plus500 shirts deal with Australian rugby squad Brumbies


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