Forex sports sponsorship: LCG backs World Tennis #3 Stan Wawrinka

LCG has announced a four-year global partnership with one of the world’s leading sportsmen, Stan Wawrinka.

LCG’s new Global Brand Ambassador, Stan Wawrinka, is currently ranked the No. 3 tennis player in the world. Wawrinka is a three-time Grand Slam tournament winner. He has also won a gold medal for Switzerland at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and is a 2014 Davis Cup champion.

Charles Henri Sabet, CEO of LCG
Charles Henri Sabet, CEO of LCG

Charles Henri Sabet, CEO of LCG on why he admires Stan Wawrinka:

I have the greatest respect for Stan as a tennis player and also as an individual. I have watched his progress and was never more delighted for him when he won the 2016 US Open Tennis Championship.

He is a fighter who has achieved his world-renowned success on his own, through his commitment to hard work, channeling his natural skill and precision as a player.These are essential elements traders must demonstrate every day. Focus and precision, fast and reliable, with master strokes in timing. But, above all, a trader needs to have confidence in the systems and platforms he works with – certain of their integrity and reliability.

I am truly delighted that Stan Wawrinka will be the Global Brand Ambassador for LCG for the 2017 season and beyond and we look forward to celebrating his success as he takes his place among the tennis elite.”

Stan Wawrinka on his new role as Global Brand Ambassador for LCG:

2016 has been a phenomenal year for me as a player and I am honoured to become a Global Brand Ambassador for LCG. LCG has a strong heritage in its market and a commitment to building its business into a world class player.

Corporate ambition is like sporting ambition. It requires dedication and focus. My tennis journey to success has not come without constantly trying to display these attributes and I have great admiration for those who can also harness them to achieve their dreams.Individual success invariably relies on strong partnerships and my own story is no different. I rely on the skills, expert knowledge and analysis of my team, as well as the best in sporting technology.

This is why I am delighted to be an ambassador for LCG – a company committed to investment in the right systems and techniques, all aimed at keeping its clients and partners ahead of the competition.

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  • james

    Charlie boy desperately clutching at straws. sad case.

  • Stan the Man

    @disqus_yaedMUmTMF:disqus – Since you made this personal by mentioning Charles, one can safely assume that you have something personal against him. What’s wrong, you one of the guys he Schmidt-canned when he cleaned house and brought in good people? You sound jealous. They’re doing quite well now, although it has taken a long time to get there. Top athletes like Wawrinka have guys who do diligence for them before signing with a sponsor. Great sign of things to come for LCG.

  • Joe Bloggs

    @Stan the Man this is a desperate last roll for Charles to try and get some credibility back for LCG he is so desperate for positive PR he gave the story to LR ahead of the supposed launch in Jan giving Havas sport “guys who do diligence for them before signing with a sponsor” a bit of a PR nightmare all normal for Charles. He will no doubt blame someone else for the PR gaff.

  • Stan the Man

    Your personal enmity towards Charles is obvious to anyone reading this. Why is sponsoring Wawrinka a desperate move by LCG? Are all the other top-notch sports deals with A-list athletes being signed at other brokers also desperate moves? Au contraire, this is clearly a signal that the ship has been righted at LCG. Now that they’ve gotten rid of deadwood like you, they’re ready for some serious marketing spend.

  • Joe Bloggs

    @Stan the Man, no personal enmity at all, its just sad when money is hovered out of a company under the guise of putting it in (look at BHS). When Charles “bought” into LCG it was stagnant he fired 80% of staff and brought in his own team. He has fired his new team 3 times, each time blaming previous management, you call it dead wood which is odd as how many CEO’s bring in there own dead wood? By all accounts he is an autocrat ,which is fine if you get the result.But so far he has not, witness the declining share price trend.
    Time will tell but word is LCG may be for sale but now saddled with a large debt (Charles fees etc..) the annual reports are interesting particularly if you look at related party transactions. Governance is also interesting re timing of the change of NOMAD after the convertible loan note was issued.
    Very interesting way to buy a company lets see what happens in the new year.

  • Vladimir

    how much do it cost to sponsor tennis player like warinka? is this millions of dollars, or just few thousand? anybody knows?


Forex sports sponsorship: LCG backs World Tennis #3 Stan Wawrinka


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