LCG issues 5 million shares to new brand ambassador Stan Wawrinka

LeapRate Exclusive… LeapRate has learned that UK online trading firm London Capital Group Holdings plc (LON:LCG) has made a regulatory filing indicating that ATP World Tennis #3 player and reigning US Open champion Stan Wawrinka has been issued 5 million LCG shares as part of his association with the company.

We reported earlier this week that LCG had signed Stan Wawrinka to be a Global Brand Ambassador for the company.

LCG will have about 380 million outstanding shares after this transaction (and another unrelated equity issue, see details below), meaning that Wawrinka will own about 1.3% of LCG.

The 5 million shares were valued for the purposes of the agreement at 5p per share, or a total of £250,000. LCG shares are currently trading at about 4p per share.

Mr. Wawrinka was quoted in the filing as saying:

I am overjoyed to have partnered with a globally recognised name like LCG. They have put their full confidence behind me and I’m very excited to work with them as I start this new phase of my career.

LCG also announced the issue of another 2.9 million shares (at current market prices worth £116,000) to Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited, to settle outstanding fees due from LCG to Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited.

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  • Jo Bloggs

    Gerald that’s so funny, I send you a link that shows LCG can’t meet there debt obligations with cash and is diluting shareholder value whilst trying to look big and you post it as a story about positive investment. Wake up smell the coffee dig a little there is a real story brewing join the dots…… was any cash ever injected by Charles? Was the convertible loan note a Trojan Horse? gosh i know your not the FT but do try to keep up.

  • James R

    Jo – a serious world class athlete like Wawrinka, who has a ton of other sponsor offers, decides to go with LCG as one of his chosen few. And, to top it off, he agrees to take some LCG stock as part of his compensation. There can’t be a bigger vote of confidence in LCG than that !!! How again do you see this as a negative thing ??? You clearly have something personal against Charles Sabet.

    • Abdul

      Especially considering how much of a financial wizard Stan is. I dont know if LCG are a good or a bad broker, so i will withhold comment on that part.
      I do know that their management in Cyprus recent bankrupted another company, so that’s ominous.
      But my point is that, any sports star taking money for an affiliation doesn’t in anyway account for anything other than hes getting paid.

      • James R.

        Nothing to do with wizardry @disqus_L1s9ugzcvP:disqus . Guys at his level (Wikipedia has Wawrinka at $27M earnings, and that’s just from tennis) have a team of experts who vet things like new sponsorships. They don’t take on very many sponsors. So the point is, someone who knows a thing or two about values has taken a good look here before giving the green light. Doesn’t mean that LCG will necessarily do well in the future. But it sure does mean that someone who knows has done his homework on LCG.

  • You’re Fired

    LCG’s had to fire a lot of people since Sabet came in, and clearly our friend Jo Jo is one of them. Jo Jo and his fired buddies can’t get jobs anywhere else, so they spend their time writing bad things about LCG at every opportunity. No wonder LCG is doing much better now.

  • Jo Bloggs

    LCG are a listed company all the facts and data are in the statutory regulatory submissions. If you go to investor relations and read whats in there(assuming you understand securities law and know how to read them) its quite staggering. No doubt one of you will say Im an ex employee who filed the docs myself.Then
    by January I’m sure i will be accused of working for KPMG touting for business.

  • You’re Fired

    it’s just that your personal bias against Charles is obvious Jo Jo. The numbers and facts speak in their favour, but you seem to view everything negatvely. LCG’s first 6 mo’s 2016 Revenues more than doubled, This Wawrinka sponsorship also points to an upturn in LCG’s fortunes. But you see everything negatively, or more likely are trying to spread poison about them because clearly you’re mad at charles for something he did to you. Otherwise why would you care to even comment?

  • Happy

    Interesting to read all these. LCG is for sure not above criticism. The owners have put in a lot of money, and haven’t exactly seen any return yet. Same for the little shareholders. But these critics of LCG are so obviously out to just say bad things about Charles Sabet which are totally irrelevant. Maybe James and You’re Fired (ha ha ha) are right about Jo being a former employee. Maybe not. But, he don’t like Charles and it isn’t just professional.


LCG issues 5 million shares to new brand ambassador Stan Wawrinka


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