FinFX partners with FinCCX to launch Finland based Bitcoin exchange

FinFX, the largest Forex broker to be based in Finland announced it has a new digital currency trading partner. Debuting live this past week was new Bitcoin exchange, Finland Crypto Currency Exchange (FinCCX).  FinCCX is the first real-time online Bitcoin trading marketplace registered in Finland that provides for clients all over the world.

It was reported this week that Finnish regulations prompted FinFX to stop servicing US clients, the company could be looking to replace a small potential loss in revenue and getting into the digital currency exchange business could help make up any would-be gaps.

FinCCX, touting the secure reputation of a Nordic country is pleased to offer a reliable and unique trading platform for secure exchange of Bitcoins for regular money and vice versa. You can deposit and withdrawal into your trading account using any bitcoin wallet plus wire transfers for paper currency.

FinCCX believes it has developed an exceptional pricing model allowing its users to earn trading in Bitcoin.


Screenshot of FinCX's live instant order book

Screenshot of FinCCX’s live instant order book


To read more about FinCCX, click here.

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