FCA aims to launch redesigned website in June

Having a stable website with good design is crucial for any business and institution nowadays – that is an obvious statement to make, especially in the FX industry where IT issues make the difference between “make it” and “break it”.

This must be the main idea for the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is definitely giving some thought on the project about its website design.

After a year of planning and extensive research, the FCA aims to launch its redesigned website in June.

Although the new site will not be totally complete, as the publications and news sections will go live in September, people visiting the site should be able to enjoy a much improved experience from the moment they enter to the moment they leave.

The FCA promises that the refreshed site will:

  • present information in a clearer and better structured way;
  • make it easier to find, understand and complete regulatory tasks and information;
  • work equally well on a desktop PC or a tablet/mobile;
  • present our most popular page in language other than English.

The regulator notes a frequent comment it got – about information about UK and international financial markets not being easy to find. On the new site there will be a dedicated markets section with a link on the main menu, which will be organised into a more logical layout.

The FCA welcomes any comments, queries or suggestions at [email protected].

For the full announcement from the FCA, click here.

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