Exclusive: tradable’s Jannick Malling to co-host hackathon in Tokyo on Sunday April 27

Subsequent to tradable having partnered with MONEX to offer its application-based platform to the lucrative Japanese market, the two firms team up for a hackathon consisting of some of Japan’s budding developers

When considering innovative approaches to trading platforms, tradable is a company which is at the very forefront with its application-based FX trading solution.

The company has embarked on a campaign of attracting large brokerage firms which span from North America to Japan, with MONEX Group being a recent example of the firm expanding its footprint into the lucrative Japanese retail FX market.

Today’s innovations require a very modern approach in order to garner a significant audience, and on that basis a Hackathon which is scheduled to be co-hosted by MONEX and tradable will take place on Sunday in Tokyo.

The event will be held on Samarai Startup Island, within close proximity of the Tokyo University of Technology, representing one of the main venues for technology events in Tokyo. According to its organizers, over 50 developers have confirmed attendance, and will engage in coding and brainstorming before presenting their applications in the early evening.

The event is set to concentrate on a series of development resources, the majority of which focus on application programming interface (API) coding, and tradable CEO Jannick Malling will be accompanied by Oki Matsumoto, the Chairman of MONEX at the event.

In anticipation of the hackathon, Mr. Malling stated that “Since announcing our partnership with MONEX and entry into the Japanese market, we have been excited about bringing the open platform to the Japanese developer community. The tech scene in Tokyo is strong and we’re looking forward to working with all of the participants who include game-developers, traders and entrepreneurs, to challenge the status quo and develop new and ground-breaking trading experiences.”

LeapRate will provide full post-event coverage, and detail the developments which were conducted by entrants along with their features.

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