eToro adds Public History feature to new platform

Social investment expert eToro today announced the addition of a new feature to the new eToro platform.

The company notes that since the new eToro was launched in November 2015, traders have come up with interesting suggestions and requests, with the two most requested features being Public History and Trailing Stop Loss.

As the Public History feature has just passed the final QA checks, the company announces the launch of this feature.

Public history lets traders see other users’ historical trades and copies in several timeframes (7 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year), and is no longer limited to “the last 100 trades” as it was in previous versions.

To see a trader or Popular Investor’s public history, one simply has to go to their public portfolio, choose “Portfolio” from the dropdown menu and select “History”.

Traders can also filter results based on markets and people, and switch between flat view (which shows all trades – copied and manual) and a summary view (which aggregates all the trades on any particular instrument ).


Regarding Trailing Stop Loss, eToro says this feature is currently now in the final stages of design and testing and promises to launch it in the near future.

You can view the full announcement from eToro by clicking here.

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