Deltix and CitiFX TradeStream team up for algo research and execution solution

Software company Deltix joins forces with Citi to provide integrated algo-trading solution for research and automated execution of FX

Despite the European Parliament’s openly adverse view toward algorithmic and high frequency trading (HFT) among institutions across the continent, North America’s technology firms and fiscal authorities show no sign of halting their increasing will to refine this particular methodology to its most effective levels.

Yesterday, in an interview with Buy-Side Technology, Ilya Gorelik, founder and CEO of advanced quantitative strategy provider Deltix confirmed his company’s participation in the development of an integrated algorithmic trading solution for the purposes of research and execution of automated FX strategies in conjunction with CitiFX TradeStream.

In this circumstance, not only is the willingness of technology companies in North America to invest in the advancement of algorithmic trading depicted, but also that of institutional FX firms as this solution takes the form of a combination of the Deltix Product Suite and CitiFX TradeStream which will be completely integrated and hosted at the Equinix NY4 data center.

According to Mr. Gorelik, one of the most important factors relating to this solution is that it provides a single entity with which users can undertake research and development of quantitative FX trading strategies and deploy them without making changes.

Natick, the Massachusetts-based vendor confirmed to Buy-Side Technology that the solution provides end-to-end support for all phases of alpha discovery and trading lifecycle management, according to the Natick, Massachusetts-based vendor. That includes data collection and aggregation, model development, back-testing, optimization, simulation and deployment to production trading. CitiFX will provide the executable market data through TradeStream.

Buy-Side Technology quoted Mr. Gorelick as having stated that: “In the case of our joint solution with Citi, we have been recording CitiFX TradeStream data for over two years, thus providing an infrastructure for back-testing strategies developed in Deltix QuantOffice.”

“Once deemed suitable for production, users can deploy their strategies for live simulated trading and finally to full production trading, using Deltix QuantServer.”

With America’s innovators forging on in developing such systems and gaining support from some of the world’s largest FX firms, Australia having recognized dark liquidity as part of the financial landscape last year, and Singapore showing no signs of animosity toward HFT and use of algorithms on its wide range of trading desks, is Europe’s draconian stance likely to drive institutional order flow further toward the Far East, Australia and North America?

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