Darwinex launches new feature allowing traders to hide strategies

Darwinex has announced the addition of a new feature, in response to traders’ feedback.

The new feature enables traders to hide one (or more) of their strategies so that other users cannot see what they are working on.

This is particularly useful for traders who want to make use of Darwinex’s spreads & execution conditions but are not looking for investors’ capital. The new feature is also likely to be appreciated by traders who are testing a new system or running a strategy whose score they do not want to be accessible to others.

To hide a strategy, all traders need to do is access the “Trading Accounts” section and click the eye icon next to the specific strategy they’d like to hide. This way, an account’s analysis & diagnosis will not be visible to other users.


Please note that this feature is NOT available for trading strategies that have a DARWIN attached to them (this is so investors can review the trading strategy in order to make an investment decision).

Strategies that are hidden can be made visible again by simply clicking the eye icon.


You can find out more about the new feature by clicking here.

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