Darwinex launches image-based widgets

Darwinex, an independent technology provider and an FCA regulated broker & asset manager, has just unveiled a new set of widgets for investors who are eager to share their trading results in as many online environments as possible.

You may recall from an earlier LeapRate report that in the fall of 2014 Darwinex introduced a set of widgets that investors could embed into websites (their own or third-party ones) in order to demonstrate their success in trading. Those widgets, however, could be used on sites that allow javascript embeds, which unfortunately restricted the usability of the solutions.

Darwinex’s team has found an answer to the problem and is now presenting investors with a set of new widgets, which are image based. This way, they can be embedded across various websites, without suffering from js restrictions.

There are three new widgets in two versions (depending on colour theme) each. This way, users can choose from 6 widgets in total.


To view the blog post by Darwinex on the new breed of widgets, click here.

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