TradeSlide adds cTrader functionality, upgrades trade leader ranking system

TradeSlide continues its march towards becoming the industry standard for measuring traders’ performance.

Starting today the trading performance tracking website TradeSlide is updating their service with some fresh functionality released by their Quant & IT Lab. The company aims to be a facilitator for participants in social trading / copytrading platforms and assist traders in identifying their mistakes and provide educational analytics by following closely several parameters in their performance.

In addition to MT4, the platform was just updated to seamlessly integrate with Spotware’s cTrader ECN platform, expanding the list of customers able to gain access to the performance analysing engine. Needless to say – people tend to be volatile creatures themselves and there is no certain guarantee for the outcome of following anyone’s trades. But what the platform certainly does is helping create a certain ranking system and potentially an industry standard for measuring traders’ performance.

By linking an account to the platform every registered user gets to participate in TradeSlide’s Challenge – essentially a rating tool that tracks several key metrics in the account. The composition of a trader’s final Challenge score is composed by several tools. One of the components the program tracks is a trader’s Leverage Consistency to inform him / her how well does he / she stick to personal leverage targets. The tool is freshly updated with the company briefing traders that the leverage target calculation methodology is freshly improved and their score might be updated. The Exit strategy module tracks whether gains on the account would have been better by exiting trades earlier or later – a great optimization tool.

One of the most useful metrics for investors who decide to follow a certain trader is the risk stability measurement – it keeps track of the volatility in the risk that the trader takes. One can easily filter out performance based on lucky “revenge” trading or simple all in plays. It ensures the follower will be getting a predictable level of risk taking, but as a strategy’s risk profile may change over time the indicator will track it, and the score will benefit if the transition happens smoothly and predictably over time.

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