Darwinex introduces vast upgrades

Users of investor platform Darwinex are sure to notice some interesting changes this week, such as new filters, strategy ranking and changes to risk levels.

1. DarwinIA 2.0

From September 2015, the new DarwinIA edition includes a EUR 20,000 fund allocation in the best 16 DARWINs.

2. Changes to Darwinex levels

Snip20150901_52There are also changes to the methodology for ranking strategies. The newbie level has been removed and there are now different paths to make it to the top level. In addition, Darwinex introduced changes to the way risk management & loss aversion are measured.

3. New Darwinian filters

From now on, traders will be able to save investor filters & assign them an avatar to spot DARWINs meeting a given filter’s criteria. DARWINs will appear greyed out / coloured, thus allowing traders to easily identify whether these meet a given filter’s criteria.

4. Consolidating risk levels

DARWINs will only be offered with 20% monthly Value at Risk (VaR) going forward. One of the major consequences of this change is that returns on the DARWIN interface & DarwinIA are benchmarked to 20% monthly VaR DARWINs – this makes a DARWIN portfolio about as risky as a stock index.

inside_risk levels

The company is running dedicated webinars in relation to the novelties.

To view the official announcement on the upgrades, click here.

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