Darwinex adds more information on migrated accounts, introduces new invitation links

Darwinex continues to enhance the experience for users of its platform, with a number of useful features deployed recently.

  •  Information on migrated accounts

Traders can import their live track records from other brokers to their Darwinex live trading accounts. Darwinex believes that it is useful for investors to know whether a DARWIN’s track record was achieved entirely on a Darwinex account or not. That is why DARWINs based on migrated accounts now display the date when they started trading with Darwinex.


  • New Referral links

This enhancement would be useful to those willing to invite their friends over to Darwinex. All they have to do is visit the “Invite” section to use the new invitation links: each link points to a different section on Darwinex’s website (DarwinIA, trader sign-up, investor sign-up, etc.).


  • New Hall of Fame

The DarwinIA Hall of Fame now discloses which traders have performed better in DarwinIA.

To check out this improvement, visit the DarwinIA Hall of Fame and switch from “Strategies” to “Users” at the top left corner.


For the full announcement from Darwinex on the new features, click here.

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