Currencycloud partners with Duco to automate transactions

Duco, the global fintech provider of data control services, today announced a new agreement with Currencycloud, the international Payments Engine behind a number of leading payment firms.

Currencycloud will use Duco Cube’s self-service data control platform, for a variety of operational functions including cash, trade-to-cash, and bank cash flow reconciliations.

In addition to Currencycloud, Duco Cube is employed by a range of international banks, brokers, exchanges, hedge funds and asset managers.

Christian Nentwich
CEO of Duco

Christian Nentwich, CEO of Duco said:

We are excited to be working with an innovative firm focused on using technology to drive change across the industry – which is also one of Duco’s core missions. Currencycloud’s Payment Engine streamlines processes, reduces manual intervention and cuts inefficiencies in currency transfers, which is exactly what we are achieving for firms in the data control space. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.

Jon Burrell, VP of Operations at Currencycloud, said:

We are looking to Duco to transform and streamline our reconciliation process. As our volume grows and our network expands we needed to invest in automating our reconciliations to ensure we keep client funds properly protected and handle the transactions across multiple providers. Duco stood out for their flexible and scalable product and the ease and speed of implementation.

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