“Crypto Markets & Technology” launches to cover institutional trading of Bitcoin and other digital currency

Crypto Markets & Technology, a new digital currency e-mag officially launched today following a summer-long beta roll-out. The publication was founded by Pete Harris, a veteran financial technology journalist and publisher. Updated continuously, Crypto Markets & Technology follows the movements by Wall Street firms – broker/dealers, exchanges and investment funds – to embrace Bitcoin as a new asset class, and how market and technology innovations including real-time data, analytics, algorithmic trading, futures trading and dark pools are being adopted, as well as the development of compliance and surveillance systems to satisfy expected regulatory frameworks.

Wall Street’s focus on Bitcoin is in its very early stages, but the potential for market development is clear. According to analysts at Wedbush Securities, the volatility inherent in this emerging marketplace is attractive to trading firms, they state: “We believe traders value volatility as they continue to gravitate to Bitcoin as an active 24/7 market.”

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that can be exchanged securely and directly between individuals and companies with no need for financial intermediaries. It has risen in popularity because it provides fast and inexpensive payments, and is now accepted by more than 60,000 merchants worldwide. Institutional firms are now set to provide liquidity and trading services to these retailers, as well as miners, payment processors and wallet providers, to allow them to take advantage of the wholesale markets for investment opportunities, bitcoin supply and risk management.

Financial technology providers and innovators are set to reap the rewards of Wall Street’s push into Bitcoin. Already, venture capital investment in startups is tracking a 2014 run rate of nearly $300 million, greater than the investments made in internet startups in the early years of the rollout of the world wide web.

The founder, publisher and editor of Crypto Markets & Technology is Pete Harris, a veteran financial technology journalist, publisher and event producer. In 1988, he launched the Dealing with Technology newsletter, which was later acquired by Waters Information Services (now part of Incisive Media). At Waters, Pete oversaw the editorial launch of newsletters covering foreign exchange and derivatives trading, and spearheaded the publisher’s online and events businesses. In the early 2000s, Pete created the “on Wall Street” series of events, focusing on topics including Java, Linux, Web Services and High Performance Computing. In recent years, Pete joined A-Team Group where he introduced Low-Latency.com and the associated Low-Latency Summit events.

During coming months, Crypto Markets & Technology will introduce additional services, including educational webinars, research reports and events. Outside of the financial markets, Pete provides thought leadership and business strategy advice on emerging applications of Block Chain technologies, apart from their underpinning of Bitcoin payments.

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