CRFIN adds Intrade24 to its blacklist

Russia’s self regulatory organization for the FX industry CRFIN has today added a further firm to its ever expanding blacklist.

In this particular case, Intrade24, which operates from the website has been highlighted by CRFIN as a firm which promises unrealistically high return as well as guarantees that it is unable to substantiate, whilst congruently providing partners with significant bonuses to attract customers.

CRFINCRFIN asserts that the firm displays a lack of transparency as well as displaying signs of operating as an entity with nefarious intentions toward investors.

Additionally, CRFIN recommends that potential investors exercise caution in that there are no objective guarantees return of the deposit and interest, apart from the statements made by the company itself on its website. Thus, as of December 23, 2014 CRFIN has added Intrade24 to its blacklist, which now consists of 38 companies.

CRFIN warns potential investors that investment in this particular company may be associated with an increased risk of loss of some or all of their investment.

To view the full list of companies which are on the CRFIN blacklist, click here.

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