Company offering “green” Bitcoins draws attention of Hong Kong regulator

Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has just updated its Alert List, which includes the names of companies offering investment services to Hong Kong residents without having the proper authorization.

The latest additions include two associated companies: CCN Holdings Limited ( and Conservation Central Network Pty Limited.

Both companies offer their clients to purchase special tokens, set to help save the rainforest. According to the explanation, provided on CCN Holdings’ website, the so-called Little Green Tokens harness the abilities of the Blockchain technology and function like Bitcoin, apart from being carbon neutral.

The SFC notes in its warning that the addresses the company claims to have in Hong Kong are fake.

The regulator stresses that CCN Holdings Limited and Conservation Central Network Pty Limited are not authorized to offer their services in Hong Kong.

To view the full Alert List, click here.

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