Coinsetter announces maker-taker pricing with industry’s first full 0.1% trading rebate

Coinsetter, the bitcoin exchange network for active traders, today announced a complete and audacious overhaul of its pricing structure by offering universal Maker-Taker pricing with a 10 basis point Maker rebate. The New York based bitcoin exchange now offers every single trader a full 0.1% rebate for providing liquidity to its market. Rather than paying a fee to trade, users can earn money with no strings attached.

Maker-Taker pricing is a structure that offers an incentive to users who add liquidity to a market (Makers) in the form of paid-out rebates while charging fees to users who take liquidity out of the market (Takers). This incentive encourages active traders to maintain liquidity at better prices on an order book, benefiting the entire marketplace. To earn a rebate on a trade, a user must submit a non-marketable limit order that rests on Coinsetter’s order book and is filled by another user.

Combined with Coinsetter’s margin trading capabilities, which are free up to $10,000 and allow traders to access up to 5x leverage, the company’s new Maker-Taker pricing model makes Coinsetter the most profit-enhancing exchange to active traders of all sizes.

“Coinsetter is the first bitcoin exchange to offer a large maker-taker rebate model with no strings attached – an aggressive move that no company in our space has afforded traders to date,” said Coinsetter CEO Jaron Lukasiewicz. “Coinsetter today is blazing a new path with the most egalitarian pricing of any bitcoin exchange.”

See how Coinsetter stacks up against other exchanges in Maker pricing:

Exchange Maker Pricing
Coinsetter .10% Rebate
Coinbase 0% Fee
Bitfinex .10%-0% Fee
Kraken .16-0% Fee
Bitstamp .25%-.10% Fee

To see the official announcement from Coinsetter, click here.

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