CMC Markets takes to the high seas at the Americas Cup – Live coverage from Portsmouth, UK

There are some activities on our extraordinary planet that demonstrate a multiplicity of talents culminating in a highly developed, state of the art, level of excellence.

Look no further than sailing for a fine example. From the humble coracle to the astonishing foiling AC 45 racing catamaran currently used by competing nations for their challenge to rest the Americas Cup from the current holders, the USA.

First held on a course around the Isle Wight in 1851 between Great Britain and USA it has been a constant desire to ‘bring the cup home’.

To this end Land Rover BAR have developed and produced a racing craft to current specification, based at the magnificent Ben Ainslie Racing building right on the waterfront in Portsmouth harbor. IMG_0452

The crew led by Sir Ben Ainslie are selected from the best of the best, and, ably supported by the likes of  Chief Technology Officer Andy Claughton, with his equally talented team of technicians, will commence their challenge for the Americas Cup right here in Portsmouth.

This particular event which was attended by Michael Hewson, Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets, allowed special guests the opportunity to witness an extraordinary day of racing at the highest level and at close quarters.


It included some two and a half hours on the Solent course aboard an authorized rigid inflatable boat (RIB) with CMC Markets senior executives in order to observe the six contenders do battle on a wet Friday from arguably the best possible vantage point. It is hard to imagine a better place to have such exhilarating fun in the pouring rain!

It is an exciting prospect to know that there is more to come, including four days again in Portsmouth in July next year, before the final challenge against the USA in Bermuda in 2017. No doubt enthusiasts on the British side of the Atlantic will be wishing well to Great Britain and team Land Rover BAR.

During the event, CMC Markets remained very prominent, with presence within the hospitality area at the Land Rover BAR base. During the course of the event, guest presenters Lady Georgie Ainslie, along with former BBC senior executive Lord Michael Grade began the corporate entertainment.

The days of clinker-built wooden hulls, teak and marine plywood are long since gone at this level. Simon Schofield, design manager at Land Rover BAR, detailed the modern technology used in the design and construction of today’s racing vessels to LeapRate: “It’s all carbon fiber and titanium these days, resulting in a racing yacht about the weight of a full size family car and the acceleration of a sports car.”

image2-ex-large (1)

With regard to the event and CMC Markets’ partnership in such a prominent fixture on the global sporting calendar, Mr. Hewson explained to LeapRate : “We are delighted to partner with Land Rover BAR in the America’s Cup over the next three years. It’s a great fit for us as the team’s heritage is proudly British as CMC Markets is and we share the drive to succeed, pioneer and innovate.”

Mr. Hewson continued “It’s fantastic to witness some of the world’s best sportsmen and innovative sailing technology. It’s obviously very different to trading but there are some similarities when it comes to the discipline, agility and skill that’s required. All in all, we’re proud to be part of this historic attempt to bring the cup home where it belongs.”

Lady Georgie Ainslie, wife of Ben Ainslie & well renowned British television presenter, explained to LeapRate that the crew are super fit and strong athletes, an essential pre-requisite for manning these tough to handle top line racing craft. Georgie Ainslie also demonstrates a natural and dignified passion and enthusiasm for this colossal enterprise, reflected tangibly by each and everyone here today.

The professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm is clearly evident throughout the entire fleet of those involved at all levels, which represents the epitome of teamwork and excellence which must surely culminate in the very best chance of success on the day.

Most certainly, the Americas Cup in Bermuda in June 2017 will be anticipated with confident optimism.

Photographs: Top Left – Land Rover BAR foiling AC 45 racing catamaran viewed from the CMC Markets hospitality area; Lower Right – CMC Markets Chief Market Analyst Michael Hewson and Leandra McPhillips, Group Head of Marketing at CMC Markets

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