CMC Markets releases full list of shareholders

British multi asset CFD and spread betting company CMC Markets Group has just released the full list of its shareholders and we were curious to see who these are and how corporate capital is distributed among them.

The matter deserves particular attention if we have in mind that CMC Markets is heading towards an initial public offering (IPO) on the London Stock Exchange later this year, with the company having officially confirmed these plans in May 2015.

As per the latest report by the company, its ordinary share capital amounts to 280,296,862 shares. At a nominal value of £0.25 per share, the value of this capital is £70.07 million ($110.05 million).

The number of deferred shares is 2,475,771, which gives an aggregate value of £619,521.

As a result, the total share capital (ordinary plus deferred shares) amounts to 282,774,948 shares, giving an overall value of £70.69 million ($111 million.)

Take a look at the table below for more data.


And now let’s examine the list of CMC Markets’ shareholders. Five of them hold deferred shares, whereas thirteen hold ordinary shares.

Majority owners of the business are CMC Markets’ founder and CEO Peter Cruddas (holding 63.9% of the broker’s shares), as well as his wife Fiona (with a holding of 24.3%). The third place is occupied by Goldman Sachs with a holding of 9.03% of the broker’s shares.

For more details, check out the table below.


For lovers of even more detailed stats, we offer an additional breakdown of data. The next table shows shareholders according to % of their holding in ordinary or deferred shares. The top three are the same, as Peter Cruddas holds 64.5% of the broker’s ordinary shares, followed by Fiona Cruddas (with a holding of 24.55%). The third place is still occupied by Goldman Sachs with a holding of 9.11% of the broker’s ordinary shares.


(Note: percentage is calculated separately for ordinary and deferred shares.)

To download the file with detailed information about CMC Markets’ shareholders, click here.

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