Bitcoin venue Coinbase Exchange introduces volume rebates

Coinbase Exchange informed clients of its Bitcoin trading exchange today that next week they will begin offering volume-based rebates. Their standard maker-taker fee structure still applies, however, traders will now receive a daily rebate based on their trading volume as a percentage of the total 30-day volume for each Coinbase Exchange order book.

Maker Orders

Maker orders are not immediately filled, creating liquidity on the book. These orders facilitate trading and carry a 0% fee.

Coinbase Exchange Maker Fees structure

Taker Orders

Taker orders are immediately filled, removing liquidity from the book. These orders are charged a fee at the time of trade but receive a daily rebate resulting in an effective fee as low as 0.10%.

Coinbase Exchange Taker Fees structure

Coinbase states its committed to building the most reliable, secure, and transparent bitcoin spot exchange in the world. Offering volume-based discounts generates deeper liquidity and fosters a fair and competitive marketplace for all traders.

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