Bitcoin prices start to behave and move in line with the markets

Following a wild April, Bitcoin prices have retreated into a more moderate trading range in April and May.

An interesting story which we and much of the FX brokerage world has been watching lately…. Bitcoin prices have stopped (at least for now) their wild roller coaster ride of up 100% one day and down 60% the next, and have actually moved in a much more ‘normal’ manner the past six weeks, as the graph below indicates.

Will the lowered volatility, to ‘regular’ levels, encourage more Forex brokers and Binary brokers to add Bitcoin trading to their menu of options? Please let us know your thoughts below.

A recent MarketWatch article provides some very good background and analysis of what is now going on in Bitcoin-land.

Bitcoin price chart, past 3 months. Source: Bitstamp.

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