Binary broker anyoption releases social trading platform copyop

anyoption, a CySEC regulated binary option broker today announced copyop, a new social trading platform, offering traders automated binary options trading based on human decisions, making trading more intuitive for new investors. copyop’s technology is powered by one of the internet’s largest communities of binary options traders.

Binary options platforms and brokers are perhaps even more committed to ensuring that they have the right retention tools for their white label partners/brands than retail FX firms need to be. anyoption relies on its own bespoke software and this dedicated service shows a foray into free-standing social trading tools for higher retention purposes and fresh marketing campaigns. Binary platform provider Tradesmarter has a built in social trading facility as well as global leading platform provider SpotOption. The jury is still out on the success with these platforms due to perceived conflicts of interests between the brokers and profitable trade leaders.

The social trading platform was developed for traders of all levels offering added value. New traders can profit with little experience in trading. Knowledge sharing and insights from the community drive users to make the best decisions to increase their return. The copyop platform is fully integrated with Facebook, allowing quick sign up and sharing trading insights with one’s Facebook friends.

copyop Screenshots

copyop Screenshots

Charts, copy trades and market insight are all delivered in real time directly to the user on both mobile and web platforms. Decision making is simplified for new traders as they learn and profit from the investments of more experienced traders. Developing a strong trading profile becomes a key element for experienced traders in order to enhance their presence in the copyop community.

copyop states that the binary options market has been waiting for a change, one that can enhance the trading experience of beginners, intermediate and advanced traders alike. Those who are familiar and successful with binary option trading will be seen as the leaders and beginners can profit from their experience.

A copyop spokesman stated earlier this month: “Since 2010 we have seen the Forex community become more socially involved, investments are made as a result of trust in authorities and less as a result of market trends. The binary options industry is ready to follow suit and copyop aims to take online trading to the next level.”

In 2015 over 40% of all trades will be made from a mobile device. copyop is compatible with all platforms enabling traders to stay connected from their PCs, tablets and mobile device at all times. copyop aims to meet the highest standards of financial stability and works in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, especially in relation to investor protection.

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