Azul Systems and Orc partner to enable smarter high performance trading

Californian Java runtime solutions developer Azul Systems has today expanded its remit toward providing low-latency derivatives trading systems as the company has today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Orc, a company which provides trading, electronic execution and professional services to the institutional sector.

Azul Systems considers that this partnership enables Orc customers to leverage the power of Zing, Azul’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM) targeting environments requiring low latency and high performance. By certifying the Zing Java runtime for Orc Liquidator deployments, Orc’s industry-leading automated trading engine is able to take advantage of the highest throughput and lowest latency Java platform available. Together, Orc Liquidator and Zing deliver a competitive advantage to firms through faster and more consistent trade execution, the capacity to pursue new opportunities, and the flexibility to deploy highly sophisticated automated trading strategies.

Orc Liquidator is of particular interest to Azul Systems, largely due to its ability to act on a large number of opportunities across a broad set of markets and asset classes. Over time, firms seek to scale their business by implementing ever more sophisticated strategies that require real-time analysis across very large datasets. By deploying Orc Liquidator on Azul Zing, traders can confidently develop these complex strategies achieving high throughput and low-latency regardless of dataset size.

“Firms choose Orc Liquidator to increase productivity and to trade smarter,” Martin Nilsson, Head of Product Management at Orc Group AB noted. “Zing magnifies the benefits of Orc Liquidator. It allows firms to gain an advantage by deploying even more sophisticated strategies built in Java with confidence in high performance and consistent trade execution.”

“The performance of revenue-generating applications and platforms depends on the entire infrastructure stack,” said Scott Sellers, President and CEO of Azul Systems. “Our new partnership with Orc highlights the importance of deploying applications needing high throughput and real-time execution on the right Java infrastructure. Only Azul’s Zing Java runtime is designed to deliver high sustained throughput combined with low-latency, both critical elements in deploying today’s trading platforms.”

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