Anyoption launching gamified Binary Options trading with Bubbles product – LeapRate Exclusive

LeapRate Exclusive… No, it isn’t a new dish soap brand.

anyoption binary optionsLeapRate has learned that leading regulated binary options brokerage platform Anyoption has just launched a new binary options trading product called Bubbles.

Bubbles is a self directed trading system where traders can effectively create their own binary option, with different time duration and asset price movement possibilities determined by the trader.

So how does Bubbles work?

Unlike most binary option products, Bubbles plays like a high-octane casino game. Traders simply choose an asset and amount they want to invest. Then traders use their mouse to adjust a circular ‘bubble’, to determine its size and shape.

The bubble created by the trader is then placed where it is believed that the asset’s price will go. If the asset’s price intersects with the bubble at any time the trader wins.

The profit percentage decreases the bigger the bubble is made. And if the bubble is placed far from the likely trajectory of the trend-line, then the profit percentage dramatically increases, going higher than 1,000% at times. These type of returns far outstrip what’s possible with usual binary option products.

Bubbles investments are available for time periods up to 3 minutes expiration, and are initially being offered by Anyoption in three available assets: EUR/USD, EUR/JPY and Gold. Anyoption plans to to gradually support more assets in Bubbles.

Bubbles are set up in three steps:

  1. Pick – The traders picks his/her preferred trading asset and an investment amount.
  2. Place & Shape  – The trader locates the bubble and shapes/sizes it to set the returns wanted.
  3. GO! If the graph line hits your bubble, you can earn up to 1000%, If not, you will lose your investment.

An Anyoption spokesperson put it the following way to LeapRate:

A great example of anyoption innovation is Bubbles. We are going to introduce a new product that is on the border between gaming and financial trading called bubbles. We are changing binary options from something that is numbers based to something much more visual and fun.

More on Bubbles can be seen here. Anyoption also just released a video explaining in a more graphical way how Bubbles works. The video follows:

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