Another (!!) Forex ECN launches – tpSPOTDEAL

In what seems to be recurring weekly news, yet another Forex ECN is being launched. This time it is Integral, a major FX software platforms provider, joining forces with London-based inter-dealer broker Tullett Prebon to launch tpSPOTDEAL.

While both parties behind tpSPOTDEAL are very serious entities, it is hard to understand exactly how tpSPOTDEAL differentiate itself from other current ECNs Thomson Reuters-FXall, ICAP-EBS, Hotspot FX, Currenex…, as well as from the other recent raft of new firms we have seen emerge such as FastMatch, traFXpure, and MoltenFX. It is also hard to believe that all these firms will each build up enough volume to create worthwhile businesses.

A good list of all the recent ECN announcements compiled by Paul Blank of Caplin Systems can be seen on the blog.

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