Greece’s economy has long since burned out, now Athens is on fire

The value of the euro collapsed as Greece remains in the EU, whilst militant protesters rioted during the night in Athens, throwing petrol bombs and burning parts of Syntagma Square. A third bailout would mean another 89 billion euros of funding, with little hope of repayment

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eToro reinstates normal leverage

The social investment expert has just announced that traders can make use of their usual leverage on positions with all trading instruments.

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How $12 million a year Goldman Sachs executive helped Greece join Euro despite debt criteria outside Maastricht rules

Educated during the 1970s at Cheltenham Ladies College, one of Britain’s finest schools, Antigone Loudiadis played a leading role in assisting Greece’s entry to the Eurozone at the height of her career, netting Goldman Sachs $500 million by disguising the country’s debts to keep within the EU’s strict Maastrict rules for membership

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