Alpari and FC Zenit prolong partnership into new season

Retail Forex broker Alpari has announced an extension of its partnership with one of Russia’s most famous football clubs, Zenit St. Petersburg. The deal will run throughout the 2015-2016 footballing season.

The broker and FC Zenit started their partnership in February 2014 and the new agreement is due to extend their partnership until June 30, 2016.

Under the terms of the extended partnership agreement, Alpari confirms its official partnership status with Zenit at a nationwide level. Alpari will be represented on the club’s website and in Zenit’s club magazine. The company will have advertising space at Zenit’s Petrovsky stadium in St. Petersburg.

zenit copySupporting sport is a long-held tradition for Alpari. Of course, we have a special place for football, the most popular sport in the world. Football unites people from around the world and, as an international organization, this is important for us. We have been very pleased about what our partnership with Zenit, which began 18 months ago, has afforded us. During this time Zenit won its fifth national league title and this in turn has led to a wave of positive response with regards to our company,” noted Alpari directors’ board member, Vladislav Kovalchuk.

Alpari and Zenit St. Petersburg football club are united in their aspiration to be at the very top of their respective industries. During the partnership, Alpari proved itself to be an effective and reliable partner and the extension of our agreement only serves as proof of this. In the modern world, the ability to work with finances is an indicative advantage of successful company,” announced the commercial director of Zenit FC, Dmitry Mankin.

To view the official announcement on the prolonged partnership, click here.

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