AlgoStudio becomes available in PTMC trading platform

Since the launch of Protrader Multi-Connect (PTMC) in January this year, the solution has already been significantly developed, with the latest step in this direction announced today.

AlgoStudio, a powerful and much-needed functionality for algo traders, has become available to users of PTMC. Thanks to this tool, traders will be able to adapt the PTMC to their trading system and according to their trading style. AlgoStudio provides a variety of possibilities to traders.

Using AlgoStudio, traders can create indicators, scripts, studies and trading experts. This can be done in the most popular programming language in the trading field – C#.

Traders can also perform the backtesting and optimization of codes, check the parameters and indicators of the trading expert, such as profit factor, drawdown, the number of trades, and much more.

AlgoStudio also enables traders to develop custom panels, control buttons and macros, necessary for one’s trading.

Also, the PTMC team plans to release a special PTMC CodeBase on their website shortly, where traders can access various code examples, scripts, trading strategies and experts, macros and libraries. Traders will also able to share and discuss their trading ideas with other participants of the PTMC community.

For the full announcement from the PTMC team, click here.

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