AirFinance Pro Ltd renounces authorisation

cysec cif licence suspension

The Cypress Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has announced that AirFinance Ltd, a company under CySEC supervision that provides investment services through the websites

  • and

has decided to renounce its authorisation.

The authorization of AirFinance Pro Ltd was suspended on 17 June 2016, and the company has informed on 9 December 2016 the CySEC of its decision to renounce it. The company’s authorisation has therefore lapsed. The Cypriot regulator indicated in its press release that this company was nevertheless required to honour its obligations during a period of 3 months from 9 November 2016. AirFinance Pro Ltd remains under CySEC supervision during this procedure.

Under these circumstances, the AMF recommends that investors who have opened an account on one or more of these websites immediately send a registered letter to AirFinance Pro Ltd and a copy of this letter to the CySEC asking that their account(s) be closed, that they be reimbursed any balances, and, depending on the situation, putting forward a complaint.

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