Abu Dhabi University and Saxo Bank postgraduate investment competition 2015 calls for entries

Registration kicked off this week as Abu Dhabi University and Saxo Bank have teamed up to launch the “Abu Dhabi University Postgraduate Investment Competition 2015”. Postgraduate business students from universities across the GCC are gearing up to apply their innovative investment strategies trading $100,000 in virtual money on Saxo Bank’s portal as part of the competition.

With real-time virtual trading running from the 19th of February to the 21st of March, the competition targets postgraduate business students allowing them the opportunity to apply new investment techniques and educate themselves further to the importance of varying their trading between Forex and equities. Participants with the highest investment returns and unique strategies will be invited to Abu Dhabi University’s campus to present their strategies to a panel of expert judges from academia and industry who will chose the 3 winners of the competition.

L-R: Fadi Mehdi, Saxo Bank; Dr. Jacob Chacko, Dean of the College of Business Administration, Abu Dhabi University

L-R: Fadi Mehdi, Saxo Bank; Dr. Jacob Chacko, Dean of the College of Business Administration, Abu Dhabi University

Commenting on the distinctiveness of the competition, Dr. Nabil Ibrahim, Chancellor of Abu Dhabi University explained that its importance is reflected in the opportunity it offers postgraduate business students from all over the United Arab Emirates and GCC to apply trade and investment theories on the SaxoTrader platform. “There is a significant and direct relationship between financial literacy and investment decisions. We have found that many postgraduate students invest in the market, and although studies have shown that the financial literacy of UAE investors is quite advanced; however, with fluctuating influences on investors and in turn the market, it was vital for ADU to team up with Saxo Bank in this competition to spread awareness on the importance of trading with caution”, explained Dr. Ibrahim.

“Investors should look at the market with a level head and refrain from making hasty decisions, which is an integral aim of this competition. We’re hoping the postgraduate participants learn more about market and investment strategies through the virtual platform, thereby giving them the confidence they need to deal with the actual market”, concluded Dr. Ibrahim.

What are the winning prizes?

1st Place: $10,000

2nd Place: A 2 night trip to Copenhagen

3rd Place: iPhone 6

For additional information:

Please contact [email protected] or call Ms. Basant at (02) 501-5210, also click here for the ADU website.

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