Exclusive: In talks with 8topuz co-founder, Abdulkader Aden Abdi

LeapRate interview…  Abdulkader Aden Abdi co-founded 8topuz Wealth Fintech Ltd in 2016 and currently serves as the Executive Director, managing day-to-day operations, working with existing clients and winning new partners. Abdul has previously held several Business Development manager & marketing related positions in several financial intuitions regulated by Cysec. He also has strong interest in geopolitics, and is currently working as a consultant/ advisor with Governments in East Africa.

LR: Hi Abdul and thank you for joining LeapRate today! Can you first tell us more about 8topuz and the people behind it?

Abdul: The story begins in 2012, when Joao Monteiro and I (Abdoulkader Aden Abdi), both with many
years of experience in the FX industry, realized just how difficult it was to consistently generate
a return in the FX markets with proper risk management principles and strategies.
We decided to explore the possibility of allowing AI and machine learning to trade the markets,
as we believed that it could analyze and process vast amounts of data better than any human

Convinced by its potential, we decided to invest in building a team of developers and financial
experts who could create an automated trading solution that could reliably deliver consistent
results while incorporating risk management principles.

The system was launched in 2010 and has gone from strength to strength since then. Over the
years, the software has continually improved as it picks up more historical patterns and learns
and improves from millions of data points.

Today, our software is now helping many retail investors, institutions and portfolio managers
consistently make a return of 1-2% a month in the FX markets passively.

Co-founder of 8topuz, Abdoulkader Aden Abdi talks about democratizing investing through AI and machine learning

LR: What is the primary focus of 8topuz?

Abdul: The primary focus of 8topuz is to democratize investing. Regardless of whether someone is a
retail investor with a small amount of capital or a major financial institution, we want to help
everyone generate a passive return in the FX markets.

LR: 8topuz was selected for Best Automated Trading Software company. Congratulations!
Can you tell us why is it important to have received this award?

Abdul: We’re incredibly proud to have won such a prestigious award. This award is important to us
because it recognizes the huge amount of work we have put into 8topuz. We’ve spent years
creating a product that can consistently provide a strong return for our clients. And for Benzinga
to recognize us as the ‘Best Automated Trading Software’ company, it clearly demonstrates that
our AI trading software is unrivalled in the market.

LR: I know you believe that AI is the future. In your opinion, have more retail investors started
to believe that artificial intelligence will change our industry in the upcoming years?

Abdul: Absolutely. People are certainly starting to realize the power of AI and how much of a
game-changer it is for FX trading. Clients who have already chosen us understand just how
superior AI trading is compared to human traders, in terms of scanning data points, analyzing
markets accurately, mitigating risk, and most importantly, achieving higher returns. As more
people switch on to the power of AI, we believe our business will continually keep growing.

LR: 8topuz is setting up a structured product under an AMC structure. Can you tell us how it
is going to help accommodate retail investors?

Abdul: Yes, this is correct. This new investment vehicle will be set up under an Actively Managed
Certificate (AMC) structure in Liechtenstein to help accommodate both professional and retail

Under this AMC structure, our performance will be admitted and traded on the Stuttgart
exchange. We believe this will allow us to expand our reach and attract qualified investors such
as Asset Managers, Family offices and high-net-worth individuals seeking a return on their

Also, this new AMC structure will no longer require opening an investment account with a broker
and linking your account to our automated strategies. Our investors can now easily participate
through a simple banking transaction by acquiring the International Securities Identification
Number (ISIN).

LR: Any new company offerings you want to share with us?

Abdul: Well, the growth of cryptocurrencies is something the 8topuz team has been keeping an eye on
for a while now. And with the majority of cryptos regularly experiencing large price swings, it can
create some ideal trading opportunities — which is why we’re excited to share that we’re
working on extending our AI software to also trade cryptocurrencies. Our AI is currently in its
learning phase, but we hope to roll this new development soon once it’s fully operational.

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