oneZero introduces more risk management tools in its new Liquidity Hub release

oneZero Financial Systems announces partnership with Jefferies Services

oneZero Financial Systems has just announced release 7.0 of its Liquidity Hub, introducing new auto-hedging, quote filtering and automated session controls. These capabilities empower broker-dealers and market makers to optimize their liquidity and client pricing to better compete in the institutional and retail FX, commodities and futures markets.

We are excited to introduce the newest version of Liquidity Hub to give our clients more powerful risk management controls and automated quoting functionality,” said Andrew Ralich, CEO of oneZero Financial Systems. “As we continue to expand our institutional offerings, giving our clients greater control over their pricing and hedging functions will enable them to scale their businesses and offer more customized liquidity to their end customers.

Here is an overview of the primary new features:

  • Auto Hedge enhances micro- and macro-level risk management on warehoused positions. Hedge trades can be set up to automatically trigger, based on fully customizable settings for symbols, client groups and limits. An enhanced user interface provides a real-time 360-degree view of the Auto Hedge strategy. It is streamlined and color-coded which allows users to manage and adjust their risk mitigation strategies on the fly. Additional controls around trading triggers, ticket fees and alerts create opportunities to maximize profitability.
  • Quote Filtering provides added protection within Liquidity Hub against off-market price quotes. Single Maker and Benchmark Maker filters allow users to fine-tune their pricing feeds to prevent disruptions from off-market quotes or makers that might be skewing aggregated prices.
  • Session Profiles automate controls for managing quotes. Users can respond faster to market trends by defining session time profiles for quotes and trades and apply those to symbols or maker/taker rules.

Additional updates in this oneZero 7.0 release include improvements to the external FIX maker adapter (support for LastMkt tag for exchange executions) and enhanced remote MT5 API plugins and REST API updates.

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