CMC Markets integrates Tradefeedr machine learning based trading analytics

FCA regulated Retail FX and CFDs broker CMC Markets has announced that it has partnered with Tradefeedr, a data science platform built for financial markets, to deploy cloud based machine learning to improve trading analytics and intelligence around liquidity management.

The additional capabilities provide for:

  • Data integration: the ingestion, cleansing and store of massive amounts of market and transactional data.
  • Data exploration: high performance computing infrastructure for inspecting, intersecting and querying massive data sets. Data visualisation tools and APIs for extracting the results of analysis for further analysis.
  • Machine learning: powerful analytical tools for data driven decision making. Transparent models, pre-built frameworks and feature engineering to solve complex problems.

“We work with our clients to solve complex problems and derive competitive advantages from understanding and using their data” says Balraj Bassi, co-founder at Tradefeedr.

“Applying machine learning to trading analytics gives us the insights we need to improve our liquidity and better manage our liquidity provider relationships” say Greg Niebank, Group Head of Product at CMC Markets. “Partnering with Tradefeedr allows us to bring these capabilities to bear effectively”.

Tradefeedr’s goal is to extract insights and information from vast quantities of market and transactional data. Its cloud-based platform empowers its clients to take on challenging projects, with Tradefeedr providing the human resources needed to complete them.

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CMC Markets integrates Tradefeedr machine learning based trading analytics


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