launches investment portfolio builder QuantX, global broker operated in Europe by Key Way Investments Ltd, today revealed the release of a portfolio builder aimed at experienced market traders.

QuantX is designed to leave guesswork and extensive analysis processes behind through its smart portfolio builder capability and the integration of analytical tools.

The new solution creates fully customized investment portfolios in a matter of minutes. QuantX allows clients to select their optimum blend of stocks according to their preferences, trading styles and interests, saving time and energy. Customers can take advantage of a real-time overview of their portfolio while getting constant feedback on their investments’ performance. launches investment portfolio builder QuantX

CAPEX recently launched StoX, their 0-commission, unleveraged stock trading product.

QuantX is driven by the brand’s strategy to extend its product range. The “X” branded line of services aims to disrupt and change the global perception of what online trading means in 2021 and to produce complex products and markets more accessible to investors.

Christina Koullapi, Executive Director at Key Way Investments Ltd, commented:

Christina Koullapi, Key Way Investments

Christina Koullapi
Source: LinkedIn

In a market where you can see the same products everywhere, we’re focusing on offering our clients something different. Making investing more straightforward has always been our prime focus, and with QuantX, we’re taking this philosophy one step further.

Koullapi added:

With QuantX, they pick their favourite industries and let it invest in the companies they love: Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, and up to 900 others – so that their targets are within their reach.

Earlier in June, cllosed a funding round, with a total of $21 million funds raised.

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